Use the Check-In App to easily check Registrants in to your event. You'll want to start by creating an App Key for scanning. 

Select the pencil icon to access your page settings.  

Select Check-In App from your Onsite tab.

Download the App.

The link to download is available here or you can search RedPodium in the app store. 

Create your App Key. 

Name your App Key and use the menu to customize your preferred settings. 

Click create to generate the key. 

Plug (or scan) the Key into the App. 

This will sync the data for your page to the app. 

Now you're ready to scan!

Press Scan to start checking in registrants.
Press Lookup to check in a registrant manually.

Note: For a full demo of scanning, check out the video at the top of the page. 


Does the app need to be connected to wifi to scan?

It doesn't need to be connected to scan, but it does need to be connected to sync the data. So you'll want to add the app key when you're online. If you go offline, make sure the app reconnects before you log out of it so the data can be synced to your reporting. 

The more the better! But a solid minimum (per device speed) is 5-10 Mbps down and 3 Mbps up. 

If the venue doesn't have wifi, what's an alternate set up we could use? 

Wifi is a general term. Hotspots, or a native ISP provided network, can suffice as long as it matches the speed above. We don't recommend offline ticket scanning unless necessary. 

What if the internet goes out? 

Continue scanning, don't power cycle the device. Don't log out of the app. When connectivity is back, do a force sync (under settings in the app) to ensure that all the data is updated. 

Will a scanner with a data plan work? 

Phones with data plans can work great! Just ensure you have 2 bars of signal or greater onsite to ensure reliability. 

How many devices can be used at once?

As many as you need! Just make sure they are all using the same app key.  

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