You'll see the following options as you build out your page. 

Save Now

This allows you to save your changes as you work. 


The cancel button will discard your changes and restore the page to your last save. 


This will display a test version of your page for you. 

You can go through the entire page. It won't charge your card or save any data but you can see the confirmation and it will send you a confirmation email. This is our recommended way to test.   

Complete your page as usual, but when you reach the billing section of your page, enter a dummy credit card of 4111-1111-1111-1111. You can enter expiration date as long as it’s in the future and any cvv. You can also enter any billing name and address you choose.


Publishing your page makes it live! Once you've published, the link will be ready to share. 

View Published 

Once published, you'll have the option to view the published page from inside your page builder. 

Moving forward, all changes can be pushed to the live page by saving and publishing your changes. 


Is there a limit to how large my page can be to publish?

Yes, the limit is 140,000 characters (approximately 60,000 words). This number includes actions. If you exceed the limit, you will run into a publishing error which can be resolved by limiting the amount of text or number of actions/fields on the page.

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