If you're crushin' it with a sold out event, you can manage a waitlist in RedPodium. 

Set a limited supply (the number you'd like to sell) for your registration option and enable the waitlist.

When that option sells out, the registrant will see the option to join the waitlist. 

If selected, this message will pop up and the registrant will agree to the listed terms. 

Once the registration is completed, the registrant will see this message listed on their confirmation. 

To manage waitlisted registrants, select the Registrations from the top menu.

Select Waitlist to view everyone who has been waitlisted

Click the Register button next to anyone you wish to select from the waitlist to charge and officially register for your event.

Confirm and save. You should see the Register button be replaced with a Success message. 

This will update the registrant's status from Waitlisted to Completed and add them to the official guest list. 

They will receive a confirmation email with receipt of the charge. 

A few things to note: 

  • The system will not automatically complete a registrant from the waitlist, you will manage that manually. If a registration is cancelled, it will open up a spot for someone to register on the live page unless it is immediately filled by you manually selecting someone from the waitlist. We recommend password protecting or closing your form (once your event is sold out) if this will be an issue. 
  • The waitlist will override capacity settings. If supply is set to 10 and someone from the waitlist is added, the supply will increase to 11. 
  • The ambassador feature will not apply to waitlisted options. 
  • We strongly recommend using the waitlist feature on only one field (with multiple options) per form, as multiple waitlist options can overwhelm the reporting experience. In addition, it will put the whole registration on the waitlist, even if other options are still available.
  • Only one registrant can be added to the waitlist at a time. In other words, it disables multi-reg.
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