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The Daily Summary email is a daily sales report. This email will only send on days that you receive registrations or transactions and will include an updated count of new visitors or registrants. It may not reflect your current settings for direct deposits or withdrawals through your payment processor as:

  • Your direct funding instructions may vary (daily, weekly, monthly)

  • Direct deposits only occur on weekdays (ie: Friday, Saturday, Sunday revenue won't get deposited until Monday)

  • Some processors will deposit American Express separately

  • Some credit cards or payment networks can take a day or two longer to release (ie: credit unions)

  • ACH transactions can take 5-7 business days to be deposited

  • This revenue does not take into account the $0.99 cents per registrant or credit card fees.

NOTE: You can opt in RedPodium users to this email under their individual User Permissions. 

Select Users

Choose the User and Edit

Check the box to subscribe the user to daily summaries.

Example Daily Summary Email: 

1. The running total revenue of your page. This does not take into account the $0.99 cent fees or the credit card fees or refunds. 

2. A count of completed registrants, transactions, and new visitors vs. running total of visitors. 

3. The title of your page and the running total revenue.

4. The title of your page and new registrants/total registrants. 

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