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GroupRev Reporting allows you to easily manage your Donation Data. This article will cover: 

  • Editing A Donation 

  • Recording An Offline Donation

  • Issuing A Refund 

  • Resending A Donor's Receipt 

  • Exporting Donation Data 

  • Sending Year End Statements 

For all the following options, begin with selecting Donations. 

Editing A Donation

Select (highlight) the donation you want to edit, then click Edit Donation. 

Update the information and click save. 

Note: Editing the donation amount will not change the amount the donor was charged. It will update what reflects on the fundraising page. 

Recording An Offline Donation

If you receive a cash or check donation, you can add it to the page to be counted towards your fundraising goal. 

Select Enter Offline Donation

Add the details of the donation and save.

You can apply the donation to the Organization's page or to a Supporter's page. In either case, it will count towards your overall total. 

Issuing A Refund

To issue a refund, look up and/or select to the donation and select Refund. 

Note: Offline donations have the option to delete instead of refund, because no transaction took place.

Once the refund is complete, it cannot be undone. 

Resending A Donor's Receipt 

To resend a receipt, select Resend. Then click OK to send.

Exporting Donation Data

Select Accountant Report

Select Show/Hide Columns and select which data you'd like to include in the export. 

Select Download CSV to download your report.

Sending Year End Statements

This feature will send your Donors a statement for all the donations they made to your Organization in a calendar year. 

Select Send Year End Statements

Select the year. Add a custom message, then click Send Statements.

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