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Communication & Posting Updates (GroupRev)
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GroupRev gives you the tools to stay connected to your Supporters and your Donors throughout the fundraising process. 

This article will cover: 

  • Communication 

  • Posting Updates 


Select the Communication Option to customize the emails that Donors and Supporters receive from you. 

Donation Receipt Email

Note: You can BCC yourself on the donation emails by checking the box below. 

Welcome Email

After updating both emails, make sure to save your changes! 

Posting Updates

Use this feature to let your donors know about milestones you've reached, to encourage them to continue giving, and/or to inform them of the impact their donations have made.  

Select Post Update

Add Your Message

You can also include photos, videos or links. 

Click Send Update when you're finished 

This feature will send out an email to your donors and anyone who has subscribed to your updates. It will also post the message under the Updates tab on your GroupRev page. 

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