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You can customize what your sub-pages do under the Supporter Settings. 

Begin by selecting the orange Edit Page button 

Select Supporter Settings

Note: This option is only available for Organizations. Individual GroupRev accounts will not have this setting.

You will find the following options available to customize:

A. If you prefer all donations go through your Organization's page, you can disable the option for Supporter pages with this setting. 

B. You can set a default fundraising goal that will automatically default on all of your supporter pages.

C. You can pre-set the date for the fundraiser deadline countdown. 

D. If you want to allow people to fundraise as teams and allow for team totals to show on your fundraiser, check this box.  If not, people will just fundraise individually and teams will not appear as an option. 

E. Use this menu to customize your Supporter's specifics 

Note: Make sure the first checkbox (Show combined donations from all supporter pages on this page) is checked if you want your main page total to update each time a donation comes in.  

F. We automatically plug in suggested wording for your Supporter's sign up emails. But you can add custom instructions or details for them here. 


How do I edit a team's fundraising amount?

From Supporter Settings, select the team name from the dropdown. There you can update the amount. 



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