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You can return to edit your fundraiser anytime. This article will cover how to update: 

  • Fundraiser Details

  • Layout Settings

  • Images & Videos

  • Advanced 

You can learn more about Supporter Settings and Communication in separate articles. 

Fundraiser Details

Begin by selecting the orange Edit Page button 

The Fundraiser details you provided at set up can be updated anytime.

Remember to save your changes.  

Layout Settings

There are two layout versions available for you. 

Version 1 (pictured below) 

This version is ideal for individual pages. Use the menu to customize the available options. 

Version 2 (pictured below) 

This version is ideal for group pages, because it features the option for your supporters to create a giving page of their own. 

Use the Version 2 menu to click & drag the layout into the preferred order.

Images & Videos

Select Images & Videos from the menu to add your logo, images and videos.  

Select Choose File to upload your images.

For the best results, we recommend horizontal images that are 367px high and 695px wide (or a similar ratio). 

Copy and paste in YouTube or Ustream links to add videos.  

Click and drag your images to reorder them.

The first image will be automatically blurred as your background image on the fundraising page. 


You can plug in your Google Analytics ID and/or Head Code into the page (for more advanced tracking). 

Additional Advanced Settings

A. This setting will BCC your email on all donation confirmations, so you receive an email each time someone donates.
B. This setting will remove your page from the GroupRev searches or showcase page.
C. To close down your page, this setting will make your fundraiser and all the sub-pages inactive. 

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