The confirmation page is where your registrants land after checkout. 

To customize this page, select Confirmation Page from your nav bar. 

Enable or disable a pop up that shows Facebook/Twitter share and like buttons here:

You can customize the popup wording here. 

Or you can do a totally custom message instead. 

Use the editor to customize the confirmation message. 

This is useful for including event-specific details, location and directions. 

There are a few additional options you can enable here: 

Disable the QR code if you don't want to scan in onsite. 

Disable the Tax Deductible Values if you'd like them to be hidden on the confirmation.

You can add a button to promote another page:

And/or enable an automatic redirect to another page. 

Registrants will automatically be sent there after 5 seconds. 


What is the purpose of the ##registrants and ##billing on the confirmation page?

These codes will automatically pull in a summary of the order and the billing (receipt) details on the confirmation page. They can be removed if that is your preference. The entire process can be tested in preview mode, so you can view how these options appear to the registrant.

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