You can create coupons for your event under the Coupons tab in your page builder. 

Here is an overview of each field required to create a coupon: 

Description: Enter a description for your coupon code, this is for your reference. 

Code: Create the code that registrants will enter to claim this coupon. Coupon codes are not case sensitive. You can use numbers, letters, or characters. 

Import a series: 

If you have a list of codes or voucher codes you want to enter for use such as from Groupon, LivingSocial, or some other loyalty website, you can import them as a series. Create a new coupon and then choose "import a series" - which will open up the code to be a large input. You can add one code per line and they can all have the same discount.

If you need to generate a series of codes, you can use a tool like Voucherify to generate codes for you to use.

Once you have the codes, paste them into the code series field (one code per line) like below.

The limit of codes in into series field is 1500 unique codes. To add more than 1500, add a new coupon and import the rest of the codes as a separate series. Do this for as many codes as you need. For example, to import 10,000 codes you would create 6 coupon code instances with each containing 1,500 codes. Then a seventh code would contain 1,000 codes. The coupon code field on your page will honor any coupon code or series you create in the coupons tab.

Importing codes has additional options:

Discount: Select the drop down to choose between a percentage or dollar discount. 

Usage Limit: Set a limit for how many times a code can be used. 

Advanced Options: Select the 'Advanced Options' to do the following:

  • Create an expiration date for the coupon code.

  • Decide how coupons apply for deposit options

  • Have this code only apply to specific fields or options. You can add more than one field. For example, if you want the Breakout Session and the processing fee to be discounted. 


Can I track who uses my coupons?

Yes, you can run a coupon report to view the number or uses or a registrant report to see which registrants have used each code. 

Can I use the same coupon code for multiple events?

You can turn any coupon into a global coupon that can be used across all of your pages. Note that once you make a coupon into a global coupon, this cannot be undone.

How will the registrant see their discount?

The coupon code does not appear to the purchaser on the confirmation page, but the amount discounted will appear

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