Select the pencil icon to edit your Registration Options field. 

You can limit the supply available for each option by toggling Limited Supply on and entering the number. 

OR you can set an overall capacity at the top of the field. 

This capacity will total all the registration options. 

You can choose to display the remaining supply under Advanced Settings. 

Once an option is sold out, the registrants will no longer be able to select that option. 

FAQs - 

Can I adjust my capacity after an option is sold out? 

Yes, you can increase your capacity anytime. Simply save and publish to push that change to the live page. 

Will this include registrations that have been sold before I set a capacity? 

Yes. The system will take the options that have already been sold into account.  

Should I set both types of capacity in my field? 

For best results you should set either an overall capacity or individual capacity, not both.

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