You can register more than one person at a time with the Multi-Reg feature.

Select Multi-Reg from the Settings dropdown. 

If you disable this option, only one person can check out at a time. 

Optional: You can customize the wording to match your event.

Optional: You can set a limit on how many participants can register in the same order. 

You've got two choices for how it will display: Accordion Style or Separate Pages. 

Accordion Style 

The Accordion Style view will stack and collapse each registrant on a single page. 

The customer can check out when all the registrants have been added to the order. 

Separate Pages

The Separate Pages view will display the option to add a registrant or proceed to billing when each registrant's information is completed. 

The customer can proceed to billing when all the registrants have been added to the order.

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