A memorized report is a saved report that you can reference or have emailed to you on a regular basis. 

Use the exporter to format the report to your preference, then select Memorize This Report. 

You can give the report a name and opt to have it auto-scheduled. 

Select a specific date or recurring frequency.

Enter the email (or emails, separated by a comma) you'd like the report to send to and select if you'd like to only send new records. 

If left disabled, the system will send the full report each time.

Save your changes. The report will be saved at the top of the exporter for easy reference. 

Note: The email will contain a link to download the report. The link will expire after 72 hours.


How do I delete a memorized report I no longer need?  

You can select the trash can icon to delete a report or the pencil icon to edit it.


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