Select Payment Gateways from your main menu.

Click the red button to start account verification.

You've got three options for verification: Business, Organization (Non-profit), or Individual. 

Select the option that best describes you, then provide the required information. 

  • Name 
  • Address 
  • Date of Birth 
  • Phone Number 
  • Last 4 digits of your SSN
  • Bank Account (Routing) Information 

Once complete, the red button will disappear.

 This means you're fully verified and ready to go! 


Why do I need to provide a Social Security Number to verify my account? 

In most cases, you will only be asked for the last four digits of your SSN to complete verification. WePay uses your social security number as part of its identity verification program. WePay verifies the identity of each user of the WePay service in order to manage risk and to comply with anti-money laundering laws

You can read more about it here

I've already done this, why is it asking me to do it again?

There are a few possible reasons an account can go into an unverified status after verification information has been provided. 

  1. It's possible a deposit attempt failed, and WePay is requesting confirmation of your banking information. 
  2. It's possible additional documentation is needed, to verify the verification information that was provided.

    In either case, you'll want to login here:
    There will be a banner at the top of the screen with instructions on what is needed to complete account verification. 
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