To make sure your payment gateway is ready to go, you can run a test. 

Start by creating a New Page. 

Note: We never recommend running tests in a live page, as this can skew your analytics. 

Select Create A Gateway Test Page. 

This will automatically create a dummy page with a $5 charge.

Publish the page. 

If you only have one gateway, it will automatically publish to that gateway. If you have more than one, you can select the one you need to test. 

View Published Page

Enter real card information to run a live transaction. 

If it goes through successfully, that means the gateway is ready to process. 

You can refund the charge or let the $5 settle to the linked bank account. 

If it doesn't go through, that means there is an error in the gateway set up.

This is rare. Ensure that you've entered the correct card information, verification information and payment gateway credentials and try again. 

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