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Copy, Sort, Archive, or Delete Pages
Copy, Sort, Archive, or Delete Pages

How to publish, unpublish, and sort your pages

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To copy a page, select the Copy Icon

Enter the details for the new page before you hit next. The old page will be copied to use as a template for the new. 

What Will Copy 

  • Fields (including all associated wording, capacities, and settings)

  • Graphics & Wording

  • Actions (date-based actions will copy, but will need to be updated)

  • Confirmation Messaging 

  • Registrant Permissions

What Will Not Copy 

  • Coupons

  • Registration Start Date & Time

  • Page URL

  • App Keys 


To sort your pages, select an option from the dropdown. 

Or view and create folders for sorting. 


To archive a page, select Move to Archive and confirm. 

Archiving a page will immediately disable the page so no new registrations can be accepted. Please note: In order to access data from archived pages, restore the page(s) first from being archived.


To delete a page, first archive it. From the archived folder, you will have the option to delete it. 

Once a page is deleted, it cannot be undone. 


How do I restore a page that I've archived? 

From the archived folder, you'll have the option to restore it. This can only be done for archived, not deleted pages. 

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